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Grand Junkyard is as close as I've ever come to living in a so-called moderate climate. West MI, Laramie, WY, various non-GJ Colorado places (Black Forest was the coldest and snowiest). I have hated on it more and more as my creaky bones age. Until I adopted Vicki the dog. She loves the cold. 65…
Oh, and one other thing: the moment the tire is set up tubeless it can't cleaned up enough to be put into a close-outs and take-offs bin. Tubless in demo/rental fleet, yes. Tubeless on the sales floor, nope.
I see Triton189's point as well as yours Greg. Consider this: even if you put Greg Heil's favorite High Roller IIs on a bike, I come along and say "High Roller II?! Yech, I hate Maxxis tires." Or some such. It's like pedals. You'd never advocate that the manufacturer choose which pedals to spec. We…
I think the author was being tongue in cheek when he finished with "At the very least, I’ll be sure to check my phone after any falls to make sure the phone is not on fire!" My immediate thought was "No, you won't" Unless it's a really trivial crash, we have other things on our…
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I think that the idea of being prepared is very important, but I find that in this article the fear...
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My bike
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My bike
tomp   on Apr 7, 2014
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Tomac's initial 29" wheeled bike, named because it intended to ride like a 26 and bridge the gap.
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