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gregger   on Jun 3, 2008
added a review of Elk Meadow

The 2nd half of Meadow Ridge (counterclockwise) is like a singletrack roller coaster, SO much fun! This is a must-ride...
gregger   on Jun 3, 2008
added a review of 3 Sisters / Alderfer

Awesome place to see. The trails are mostly easy, but there are some difficult switchbacks & rocky sections that will...
gregger   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
gregger   on Dec 11, 2006
added 2 photos.
cold sunny day
gregger   on Oct 15, 2006
added a review of Red Rock Canyon

Nice ride. Everything leaves the parking lot uphill, and it's a good long climb up. We started up on wide...
gregger   on Sep 4, 2006
added 4 photos.
rolly downhill
gregger   on Sep 4, 2006
added a review of Black Forest Regional Park

Wow, this was a whole lot better than I had expected! Not technical--deep sand is the main difficulty--but there are...

Heavy rain yesterday left a lot of the trails here soft and muddy, but still a great time. Despite its...
gregger   on Aug 27, 2006
added a review of Ute Valley Park

Impressive trails, tons of variety and room to explore. Pretty challenging. Almost immediately I hit some rocky steps to descend,...
gregger   on Aug 20, 2006
added a review of Fox Run Regional Park

Really enjoyable ride. Trail is wide & well groomed, but not boring; it winds & rolls through the trees with...
gregger   on Aug 10, 2006
added Black Forest Section 16 Trail
Nice gentle four-mile loop through the trees, good shade and incredible scenery. No huge climbs or descents, but rolls nicely:...
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