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Campbell // California

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TrojanMonkey   on Jul 17, 2008
added a review of Santa Teresa Park

Decent ride. Good if you're short on time (especially travel time). If you follow the route on the map you...

Maaaan, was this fun. Climbed up the fire road, bombed down Sawpit, climbed Tractor, and flew (I do mean flew)...
Partway up the first (and biggest) climb.
TrojanMonkey   on Jan 8, 2008
added a review of Arastradero Preserve

Let me start by saying that this ride was my 3rd time back in the saddle in 10 or 12...

This might become a regular ride for me. We've just had a huge amount of rain dumped on us, with...
TrojanMonkey   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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