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Michael started riding trails in 2007 and moved to the mountain bike paradise of Asheville, NC in 2013. He works at a local outdoor shop called Gearu (www.gearuwnc.com) and when not maintaining the fleet of rental bikes he can be found riding up hills or kayaking the local whitewater.

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Great read! Makes me forget I'm sitting at my desk for a little while.
@kastaupp Sorry for the delayed reply! It's tough to say from just one trip with the bag, but I certainly felt like my bike was well-protected. Everything is very securely strapped down so nothing shifts internally. As far as frame and wheel protection on the sides, it's pretty much just the thick bag material and…
Michael_Welch   3 weeks ago
Hey Tyler, always appreciate feedback! I ride with a pack 100% of the time, but I will definitely experiment with bottle cage options next time I review a bike. That was an oversight, especially since I know some folks who won't buy a frame if it won't fit a full-size bottle. With so many great…
Good luck, can't wait to hear about the race!
Great resources Adam, thanks for mentioning them!
Michael_Welch   on Jun 18, 2019
Michael_Welch   on Jun 11, 2019
Glad to hear that Greg. Running tires between 2.4-2.6" and dropping a couple PSI from my old 24.5mm rims has made a much bigger difference in ride quality and grip than I was expecting. You made a good call.
Michael_Welch   on Jun 7, 2019
Great stuff! Bold move...
Juarez, You make some great points here, and I totally agree with the wisdom of a slow progression. More people will read these insights if you leave out your initial analogy, which couldn't be further off target.
Michael_Welch   on May 10, 2019
Michael_Welch   on Apr 2, 2019
Haha thanks, some people can do it but unfortunately that ain't me.
I totally understand, but it depends on what you're looking to get out of biking. Those blinged out carbon wheels will be sweet, but at the end of the day they won't really make you much faster. If speed is your goal, this thing definitely will. Zwift isn't perfect (virtual reality is inevitable and it…
Michael_Welch   on Dec 18, 2018
Nice review! Very thorough, with awesome pictures of a good looking bike.
Hey Tony, you do NOT have to cycle through the flashing mode. By double-clicking the power button you can cycle through three different modes: one that uses the two long-distance lights, one that uses the three flood lights, and one that uses all of them. You can change these different brightness levels as you see…
Genius! I might have to scoop one of these, thanks for posting it.
I have used the Seca 2500 but it's been a while and it was on my helmet. From looking at the pictures though it appears that the Gloworm XS does sit higher on the bars thanks to its mounting system. That being said, if you check out the beam pattern picture you can tell that…
Thanks! The CatEye is definitely bright, and it's impressive that it puts out that much light with a single LED. The MagicShine uses 5, which allows it to have both flood lights and two spotlights that shine waaaay down the trail. Both are game-changing lights for sure.
Michael_Welch   on Oct 1, 2018
Much appreciated, holler if you need recommendations or a guide. Always looking for an excuse to go to Pisgah!
Brave souls regularly tackle Pisgah on single speed hardtails but I'm not one of them. Personally, I'd recommend a full suspension ride, but it doesn't have to cost 5 grand. I've ridden all of these trails on a 2017 Giant Stance 1 which you can snag brand new for $2,100.
Michael_Welch   on Aug 3, 2018
Michael_Welch   on Aug 1, 2018
Michael_Welch   on Jul 19, 2018
Michael_Welch   on Jun 27, 2018
Michael_Welch   on Jun 19, 2018
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