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Denver // Colorado

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BFD   on Oct 2, 2009
added 2 photos.
BFD   on Aug 21, 2009
added 2 photos.
I bend the trail to my will!
BFD   on May 8, 2009
added 6 photos.
BFD   on May 8, 2009
added 4 photos.
Day 1, leaving the parking lot in Loma, CO
BFD   on Mar 1, 2009
added 10 photos.
Can't miss scenery along the waterton canyon fireroad leading to the Colorado Trailhead in Littleton, Colorado.
BFD   on Feb 9, 2009
added a photo
2005 Schwinn Mesa GS. Getting me from point a to point b until i can afford my dream bike.
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