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I don't like to clean my bikes when they're running smooth, but I'm weird superstitious about stuff like that.
Superfly Lee   on Oct 2, 2019
added a review of Airstrip Trail

One of the better descents in DuPont. A little more natural and less manicured than Ridgeline.
I started riding trails in the late 70s as a grade schooler in Washington state outside of seattle. Rodes bikes everywhere, to school, to soccer practice, everywhere. There were handcut trails connecting all of the various neighborhoods for miles. A lot of kids in that area were into bikes, but we were all on bmx…
Superfly Lee   on Jul 29, 2019
added a review of Buttermilk

Pretty cool urban trail that's been around for years. Some cool features and a handful of very technical sections. Trail...
Superfly Lee   on Jul 15, 2019
added a review of Lake James State Park

Rode the 10 mile intermediate loop last weekend. Fun trail but a little lacking in features. Has potential to be...

I've been riding Alafia and Santos once or twice a winter for about 5 years now, but never made it...
Superfly Lee   on Jan 31, 2019
commented on Soul Riding: Transcendence on Two Wheels
Great read! I'm 49 and been riding trails since I was in first grade. '"Soul riding" as you call it(great name), is pretty much all I know. The 1 thing that will get me out of it is if I'm riding with someone that wants to make everything a competition, but I mostly ride by…
Superfly Lee   on Sep 19, 2018
added 2 photos.
Superfly Lee   on Sep 19, 2018
added a review of Vail Mountain Bike Park

Rode here last weekend for the first time. Weather was perfect, aspens were golden, and the views were amazing. No...
Superfly Lee   on Sep 19, 2018
added a review of Game Creek Trail

Rode this trail twice this past weekend. Great trail! Absolutely beautiful this time of the year. The sign for the...
I signed the petition a couple days ago as did a lot of other bikers I know.  Looks like the project has been scrapped.  
Superfly Lee   on Jun 26, 2018
added a photo of Kitsuma
Superfly Lee   on Jun 26, 2018
added a review of Heartbreak Ridge

Rode up from Old Fort Picnic Area to the top and then back down before riding Kitsuma. Climb took me...
Superfly Lee   on Jun 26, 2018
added a review of Kitsuma

Rode this after riding Star Gap/Heartbreak Ridge. I parked at the bottom at Old Fort Picnic Area and climbed up...
Superfly Lee   on Jun 18, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Hey man you're 60 and you're riding trails.  You gotta be in at least half decent shape for your age.  I'm 48 and I ride a lot, usually at least 50 miles...
Superfly Lee   on Mar 27, 2018
added a review of Allatoona Creek Park

Decent mileage with some pretty cool berms and wooden features, but lacking in elevation. Good trails if you're in the...
Cool topic!  I am hoping to spend about a school year chasing the good weather around the US and Canada riding epic trails, and taking epic hikes with my wife and dogs....
Superfly Lee   on Nov 19, 2017
added a review of Arrowhead Park

Decent little trail if your in Macon. A lot more elevation than I expected. Not a ton of flow, but...

The more I have ridden these trails over the last several years the more I like them. Technical sections have...
Superfly Lee   on Jul 24, 2017
added a review of Bull / Jake Mountain

Fun trail network with lots of miles and elevation. Tried to do the IMBA loop but made a wrong turn,...
Superfly Lee   on Jul 24, 2017
added a review of Dupont State Forest

This place kicks ass. Tons of miles and variety. Awesome scenery. 1 of the best trail systems in the entire...
Superfly Lee   on May 25, 2017
added a review of Paynes Creek

Fast, smooth, and scenic. Flows better counter-clockwise. Very nice campgrounds.
Superfly Lee   on May 25, 2017
added a review of Back Yard Trails

Rode these trails recently when in Charlotte visiting a buddy. These are pretty kick ass, hand cut local trails with...

Rode up the fire road out of Stokesville campground. The first part of the climb isn't bad, but the last...
Superfly Lee   on Mar 23, 2017
added a review of Sope Creek

Fun little trail system close to Atlanta. Wide open and mostly smooth with a few little technical spots here and...

Rode here for the first time last week. Nice trails. Explorer loop is more old school singletrack. Raceway, powerhouse, and...

Trails are rugged and very scenic with great shade. Some tough climbs with some fun downhills, but overall trails don't...
Superfly Lee   on Mar 18, 2016
added a review of Cochran Mill Park

These trails have improved over the last couple years. The yellow trails are smooth cross country trails. The red trails...
Superfly Lee   on Feb 16, 2016
added a review of Fort Yargo State Park

Fun, fast flowy trails. Mostly smooth with a couple decent climbs and fast downhill sections. Very nice campgrounds and facilities...
Superfly Lee   on Feb 16, 2016
added a review of Coldwater Mountain

Finally rode these trails for the first time on 1/31. Parked at the Anniston trailhead and rode the whole thing...

Took the family down to Alafia for a 4 day camping trip during Christmas. The trails were in great shape...

Trails are in great shape right now. Some leaves, but not too bad at all for this time of the...
Superfly Lee   on Nov 2, 2014
added a review of Blankets Creek

Very nice facilities with bathrooms, practice area, bike wash, but not the best MTB trails in GA in my opinion....
Superfly Lee   on Sep 22, 2014
added a review of Stinky Trail

Trails are in great condition right now. If you like or want a lot of signage, maps, ect. then this...
Superfly Lee   on Aug 31, 2014
added a photo of Stinky Trail
Superfly Lee   on Jul 15, 2014
added a photo of Jack Rabbit Trails
Superfly Lee   on Jul 15, 2014
added a review of Jack Rabbit Trails

Just spent the weekend camping and riding with my younger daughter (10) at Jack Rabbit. Trails are not super difficult...
Superfly Lee   on Jun 29, 2014
added a review of Tsali Recreation Area

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Tsali with my teenage daughter who is a novice. Rode about...
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