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I love any kind of mountain biking, but especially all-day rides with plenty of climbing and descending. Used to race a lot and I still do the occasional endurance event or stage race. Most of my rides now are just about enjoying my time in the woods.

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Thanks y'all! I've been getting right around 4,000 miles/year for the last few years, so I really wanted to challenge myself in 2017. Doing big bikepacking trips (Huracan 345 miles; Steamboat Ramble 200 miles; and Cohutta Cat 290 miles) really helped eat up big chunks.
I set an ambitious goal of 5,000 miles this year, which meant riding 96+ miles per week. I ride a good amount of road, but well over half of the miles I've ridden this year were on dirt. Unfortunately, I'm going to come up about 500 miles shy of my goal. I injured my Achilles…
I'd go with the dropper post personally.
Aaron Chamberlain   14 hours ago
You definitely don't need to spend that much on bikes for your kids. Weight should be a factor, but not a major one unless your boys are racing seriously which it doesn't...
Aaron Chamberlain   4 days ago
@Casey, this was published last year, so some of the info is out of date. We may tackle this again at some point in the future.
A well designed dropper post that's easy to install and service. One of the best remotes around. And it works...
I'm with you on number one Jeff. It seems like every time I get ready for a ride, I have to run back into the house to grab one more thing I...
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@DrSweets I have a riding "bugout bag" too! When I get a new pair of shoes, helmet, etc., I demote the older items to the bag. I leave the bag in the...
Aaron Chamberlain   6 days ago
replied to Bike Rack
Do you have roof crossbars on your Escape? If so, you could find a tray for them.
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added 5 photos.
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Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added 738 Wheelset
Wide aluminum wheelset
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A lightweight, wide carbon wheelset
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added Turbine R
A trail/enduro wheelset with fast engaging hub
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added Trail S
A lower price point I9 wheelset that uses steel spokes instead of alloy
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added 2 photos.
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It could be the brake pads and not the brakes themselves. Looks like you've got the TRP Spyre on there? If so, I've got the same brakes on my gravel bike and...
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Defeet Kneeker wool knee warmers. I bought these about 12 years ago and they just keep plugging away winter after winter. Since they're made of wool, they work in a broad range...
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
replied to Need dropper advise
Fox Transfer for sure. If you've been extra good this year, check out the Bike Yoke Revive. It's been the best dropper I've used to date.
I agree with Sweets and Mullen. Spend the extra $200 on the Trance. The bike will give you a lot more room to grow as a rider. The Stance has some *marginally*...
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Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
rode 10.9 miles at Morningside Nature Preserve

Evening Ride via Strava
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
replied to trail etiquette
@ajlutz210 that's not "enduro-style" that's just mountain biking.
Weight is 3kg (6.6lbs) for a medium frame without shock. I should have clarified but these are still tubes even though it's CNC'd. The inside is milled out as well. Pole claims they can control the wall thicknesses better this way than with hydroforming.
Sorry, the claimed weight is 3kg (6.6lbs) for a size medium with all hardware, but no shock. So it's on par with other aluminum frames.
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added 4 photos.
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I'm one of those weirdos that gets thirsty when I ride ;)
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
Aaron Chamberlain   1 week ago
added Lite Knee Guards
A lightweight knee guard designed for trail riding.
The first few weeks after the time change is always hard for me. I can't get motivated to ride when it's completely dark by the time I get home from work. Eventually...
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I think it really depends on where you're riding. I've only bikepacked with a 1x drivetrain. If the route is heavy on the singletrack, a 1x drivetrain should be good for most...
Aaron Chamberlain   2 weeks ago
rode 20.8 miles at Morningside Nature Preserve

Afternoon Ride via Strava
Aaron Chamberlain   3 weeks ago
Aaron Chamberlain   3 weeks ago
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