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13.64kg with 280gm “Eggbeaters” fitted. (And the delivery docket taped to the handlebars)
I’d written an essay. Page reloaded. All lost. Right it elsewhere folks - then paste. :(
Usually I shop for some increased value, often buying a great superseded bike. I own 2 Trance Advanced 1 models. (2012, 2017) This time I decided to buy the exact bike I really wanted. I have paid the deposit on a 2020 Giant Reign Pro 0, and am now waiting for the first shipment to…
skypig   on May 3, 2019
commented on Shimano's 4-piston Saint Brakes Mock The Rest
Do these require different Levers/Master Cylinder? From my motorcycle race experience I know the ratio of MC diameter and combined caliper piston diameters establishes the feel/power at the lever.
Exactly. I never seem to think about “work” while trying to clear a gap jump! :) Or my overdue tax return while riding near the top of the wall of death. I’ll be unsurprised if I end up injured, but the benefits so far make this risk more than acceptable. (Watching TV and eating cakes,…
I have been working Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) for 10 years. This basically means living in a hotel room, or “camp” for half my life. Two weeks at a time. FIFO is a known strain on mental health. Currently I can leave a MTB at work, and have access to great (but hot) tracks.…
As much as having the gears not work due a flat battery would annoy, the benifits will ensure these systems become popular, if not the “norm”. Rather than pushing the mechanism a certain distance/speed to get a good change, it will just be activating the switch. Because strength, movement as suitable cable angles will not…
skypig   on Jul 23, 2018
commented on Get A Grip: Revgrips Suspension Grips Review
Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll try a set for sure.
$15 is cheap if you think you have cut a little too much off your carbon bars.
skypig   on Jul 13, 2018
commented on Get A Grip: Revgrips Suspension Grips Review
What is the outer diameter? Does it vary? (You mention “Large” pro series) In MX, the common theory is: large grips/thick gloves are more likely to contribute to arm pump. I’ve just fitted some slim Race Face “Full Nelson” grips (Haven’t ridden on them yet) These are probably as opposite the “suspension” grips as its…
No mention that they were trespassing. Reported as riding on "Barbers Rd". Sounds like a public area. Wouldn't happen if we were allowed to defend ourselves with hand guns in Australia. :)
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