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Nice one. It's good to hear stories about normal people who ride. Work issues, injuries and kids- all things that normal people experience that can add complexity the the simple act of getting out for a ride. I also feel really bad about myself when I have some difficulties like an injury, only the feel…
This is definitely the industry driving this, with the huge growth of ebikes in Europe. @Jeff: They actually would give a huge advantage. Ebikes don't just help you in the climbs, they help you when accelerating out of corners. There's a guy i sometimes ride with who is on an ebike (he's a positive example…
I practice a mix of the 2nd and 3rd options (waiting at intersections, and short breaks to let them catch their breath. When i have a really heterogeneous group (also in terms of ability and fitness) and i know the trails really well, we sometimes split up and then meet back up at designated points,…
Hey Brian, I asked you a while back why you race. This write-up explains it pretty well! Seems epic, maybe I’ll sign up for next year :)
In the current marketplace of US healthcare, such an insurance definitely has its place. Yes, I think that it is unfortunate that in a country like America (rich, innovative) this is the case, but oh well. As for encouraging people to take risks, for sure this seems strange, but it's more of a marketing ploy…
If you're more comfortable with the backpack, then by all means keep using it. Indeed, scientifically it is irrelevant, it is all about watts you produce over the total weight (you have to push both yourself and your bike). I think the only consideration for forward motion (specifically, acceleration) in weight placement is whether the…
Any ideas how this works on a full-suspension mtb? This system seems fixed, i.e. no opportunity for chain growth. Interesting concept, though.
It's not that we want extra weight on the bike, it's that we want it even less on our backs. If you're looking for climbing ease or KOMs, it doesn't matter where the weight is (back or bike). It's just that it is more comfortable off your back. Also, i feel like with weight strapped…
jgmtb   on Sep 2, 2019
commented on Have you Ever Been Bikepacking? [Survey]
I think bikepacking is a bit of an intimidating term. It seems that a lot of people think they need to wait until they buy all the specifically bikepacking-marketed bags before they can go. While it's great they are making lightweight touring gear that you can strap on your mountain bike, it's really not necessary…
I think the term "on-sight" is appropriate. In rock climbing, in which ethics and aesthetics of the ascent are really ingrained, to "on site" a route is to climb it without having any prior knowledge of it, only looking at it yourself from the ground up. Good climbers can analyze the route from the ground,…
jgmtb   on Jul 25, 2019
added a review of Kingdom Trails

This is a very easy, flow trail destination, with the majority of the trails on and around a mellow, forested...
Congrats on the Podium, Brian! Seems like a cool experience. This past weekend I also got a podium- first place in the "international" category (there were 7 of us) in the Cucciago Free Ride Birra Sprint, haha! More my speed! ;)
Hey Brian, You didn't like the XM 1650's? Which hubs do they have? I am thinking of building us some new wheels and was going to use 350 hubs. Not a fan?
Nice article! I'm not a very dedicated forager, but in the fall i often spontaneously interrupt my mtb rides to fill up my camelbak with chestnuts, this could be a nice spring alternative. I usually wear full-finger gloves, so i'm ready to harvest these guys.
jgmtb   on May 27, 2019
replied to Giant Trance 2 27.5 vs. YT Jeffsy 27 CF comp
Hi Gearup, I have a Jeffsy 27 CF. I generally like it, but i'd point out that the bike really comes alive when pointed downhill, and going fast. I generally ride in really...
This impact review is excellent work, thanks for the write-up. It seems like a rigorous study, with sensible take-aways, namely that unsanctioned trails are more damaging. So many studies are one biased; this one has good information on complex topics (like hydrology and geology), which acknowledge an issue, while contextualizing it and providing ways to…
Cutting out a valve from a used tube, what a great idea. Any tricks in getting it to seal?
jgmtb   on Mar 23, 2019
rode 20.6 miles at Sentiero 61

Shred w Brian via Strava
I'd agree with BZ202. I grew up in MA and was always perfectly happy with an xc bike. Modern short-travel trail bikes are more than sufficient, and are snappier on the rolling...
jgmtb   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to eMTB for ski shuttle?
Nice! XC skis are the snowy cousins of the xc mountain bike. Ski touring / mountaineering skis are more like enduro bikes. Definitely two sports which really complement each other.
jgmtb   on Feb 3, 2019
replied to eMTB for ski shuttle?
Hey guys, you have all kind of missed the idea. Luckily, i can shed some light on this. This is not a new idea. I haven't tried it yet, but I have...
Hey Brian, what do you do about the spare derailleur hanger for your jeffsy? It seems to require a 19mm hex. I don’t take my spare on rides because I couldn’t change it on the trail anyways... :(
Hey Brian, I’ve enjoyed your articles. I’m also located in italy, based out of Milan and ride a lot on the Italian/Swiss border (normal stomping ground is Como/Ticino/Valtellina ). Hit me up if you’d like to shred sometime. -jake
Uh, I was replying to a comment that I no longer see. Ignore my comment?
I am sympathetic (unlike probably a lot of readers here), but this is the wrong article to comment on. You make no mention of the location of the trail system being reviewed. The article is largely about a bikepark at a ski-resort, with existing lifts/slopes/trails, and therefore the existence of a bikepark likely has a…
Hey mike, same experience as you. Never really stopped riding, but went from a ‘99 stumpjumper fsr to a 29er ht, and thought both were great. But coming from older-school geometry. (Now riding a yt jeffsy), it took me a while to get a hang of the new geometry. It rides differently. For example, for…
I'd agree with you that an aggressive HT is the best choice. You mentioned some really nice rigs. And for 2 grand you can get it with  solid components. Since you're a...
jgmtb   on Jun 9, 2018
rode 16.8 miles at Billerica State Forest

Home trails via Strava
jgmtb   on Jun 1, 2018
rode 9.9 miles at Hopkinton State Park

Mtb w Brett! via Strava
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