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lanky_d   on Feb 3, 2014
added a review of Big Creek Greenway

Just an FYI: The restrooms are "Closed for Winter" so you'll need to bring your own extra water. I was...
lanky_d   on Jan 7, 2014
added a comment on What to Wear for Winter Biking
Great article! It is just getting in the single/low-digit temps here in North Atlanta, so cold weather riding has been...
lanky_d   on Dec 12, 2013
added a review of Serfas RX-921L

When my bike was set up for commuting, this was the single greatest acquisition I made. WAYYY better than the...
lanky_d   on Nov 8, 2013
added a review of Big Creek

This was, until the recent time change, my daily ride. I work in Alpharetta and change clothes after clocking out...
lanky_d   on Nov 8, 2013
created a My Trails
lanky_d   on Oct 11, 2013
added a photo of Giant Yukon
My bike

Price is great, wear is outstanding, great for an all-condition (as the ad states) rider like myself.
lanky_d   on Oct 11, 2013
added Panaracer Soar - XC All Condition
Soar is a great combination of a fast rolling, race oriented tire that performs equally well in XC and marathon...
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