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For anyone with a 29r wishing to try 27.5+, it works for my Yeti SB95. In fact it is the best upgrade I have ever made! I put Maxxis Ikon 2.8's front and back. I have tested it on everything from aggressive XC, ridiculous sharp rock on fast terrain, 5' drops to flat & 6-8…
Mark Knowles   on Oct 14, 2016
replied to The pluses of 29er over 27.5
Jumps? I prefer my Yeti SB95 (29) over my Cannondale Claymore (26) at our local jump line and since i converted it to 27.5+ it really rails corners unbelievably well.
OK...I understand the whole 26" for life thing. My freeride bike is 26" and I love it for the bike parks. BUT........................"OK Folks!! Today, October 12th, I am here to say "I have been WRONG!" Before today I really thought that there was nothing that could make my Bike better......but today I discovered magic. I…
Mark Knowles   on Feb 17, 2015
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Mark Knowles   on Feb 17, 2015
added Frenchman's Freeride
Loaded with jumps & drops

I love this bike. Great for any terrain.
Mark Knowles   on Dec 20, 2013
added a review of X-Fusion Hilo 100

Smooth operation, infinite adjust, works every time. Only had to add air once in the first year.
Mark Knowles   on Nov 8, 2013
added a comment on 9 Ways to Climb Better on Your Mountain Bike
Great tips EXCEPT..... standing while pedaling certainly has its place. Keep an upright position with hips pulled in toward bars...
Mark Knowles   on Oct 23, 2013
added a comment on How To Carry More Speed Through Turns
After researching how to corner and applying that knowledge to the trails I found this post was almost completely wrong....
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