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san juan // UNITED KINGDOM

OKI   on May 3, 2017
commented on Clockable Oval Chainrings from Rotor
If it helps I have a near new renthal chainring that I love the design of just laying about. But I'm using the absolute black one very happily. Oval is good when done properly. Oval keeps the renthal gathering dust. I kept the old ring due to the same concerns. They were unfounded
Nice, its on my want list. One request for all helmet reviewers.. Could you please provide fit comparisons with more well known/well stocked brands. Trying to buy a helmet without trying it is way too costly. And most shops only stock a few brands. Trying to find a place to try a lesser known is…
Wanker. Tell you mate I woulda loved to have had your back on that one. Probably some army arsehole. Dont let that intimidate you, the shock can be horrible I know. Hope you get well and back on the trails asap.
I think I'm with Michelin on the all mountain description. I think back to the first all mountain bikes, one of which was my old Gary fisher. Pretty much a short wheelbase, nimble, xc bike but a little tougher with 140-160 suspension setup. Enduro is more like a cross between that and a downhill rig.…
OKI   on Mar 3, 2017
commented on Watch: 5 Tire Sidewall Repair Hacks, Tested
I've never in 20years mtb'ing torn, cut, slam sliced or popped a sidewall. Flats...many many flats, never a sidewall though. Is this an imaginary industry thing to promote sales? Or is it those sub 800g 2.3 tyres I always use. Hmm
OKI   on Feb 20, 2017
commented on "Gluten-Free" Won't Make You Faster!
I'll throw in a theory too Ever wonder why rural Africans are often very happy despite some horrendous circumstances. They did tests of the gut flora of African tribal people and found they have a vastly more complex gut flora than westerners. They are also able to drink milk fresh from the goats and cattle…
OKI   on Feb 20, 2017
commented on "Gluten-Free" Won't Make You Faster!
Few additions: Candida, a massive amount of the population suffer from Candida overgrowth. This is due to us relying on crops and sugars rather than balanced and varied foods. The effects wont show their ugly side until your stomach has a crisis, often caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Seek a natural diet with varied…
Need to take a lefty route with these. Seatpost does not need to be central nor do rear pivots need to be pinned either side. Make the seatpost bracket offset to the side and back, that gives you a couple of inches of space that a wheel could travel through without getting in the way…
Careful with the 35mm's, be sure to check the stem length against the forward position of the axle. 35mm is on the dot with mine, and although dropping the length brought all the improvements..40mm was the way to go. Also check some of the cheaper brands from places like Korea, mid level prices with top…
OKI   on Sep 13, 2016
commented on Watch: 10 Bike Hacks for MTB and Beyond
As well as putting ownership details into tubes, always have your bike receipt and reg number handy, or when your bike gets stolen the police will not give a fk. I got followed home and house robbed for the bike, knew who did it, as I was a lil traumatized and the house a wreck…
OKI   on Oct 19, 2015
added a comment on Opinion: There Will Never Be a Do-It-All Mountain Bike
There will be, simply because we have our limitations. Technology on bikes is basic as hell, pretty much back to horse...
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