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Great interview on both sides of the table!
Patrick, one sealant that I never see tested, but users really like is the Bontrager TLR. Would like to see a review of the TLR if possible! Also as someone mentioned, filling the tire with N2 or Argon would be an interesting test as to longevity. How are you liking the Rekon in 2.8? That's…
Thanks josiahsj, good supplementary info!
You youngsters have a lot more years provided you don't ride like you did 20 yrs ago. Had a broken hand after an OTB event, and it was a long 4 months before getting back on the trails. FWIW, I'm 72 and my Strava times are about the same as they were 3-4 years ago,…
simplemind   on Nov 17, 2014
created a My Trails
simplemind   on Sep 7, 2013
added a comment on Review: GoPro Hero3 Black Helmet Camera
On this video, see how it's "glitchy", minutely starts/stops? I have had the same issue on my GP3. Any ideas...
simplemind   on Aug 27, 2013
added a comment on How To Be Slow on a Mountain Bike
I started mountain biking at the young age of 40+. That said, at 67 I'm still improving and yes my...
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