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Ramona // California

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I like to see how big an area my GPS track can enclose. Preferably with some fast singletrack and downhill in the loop!

My Bikes

I have had my GX Eagle for 3 months, covering 1000 miles. At this point it shifts as well as my old Shimano SLX with 5000 miles on it. Which isn't too bad; but more disappointing than impressive. Two weeks into this Eagle's service the chain jumped the lower jockey wheel and jammed in the…
I always added a rope through the frame with my old rack, because I didn't trust the frame clamp. Twice it saved my bike. A bit of paranoia and redundancy can be a good thing.
9 weeks left to reach my goal---and just 400 miles left to ride!
drcbrath   on Sep 5, 2017
added a photo
West Side trail, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA
drcbrath   on Sep 5, 2017
replied to Enduro bikes under 3000!
Giant Reign 2, 2017, $2900
drcbrath   on Aug 28, 2017
added a photo
drcbrath   on Aug 28, 2017
spec'd a bike: Mountain Cycle Fury
drcbrath   on Aug 28, 2017
added Fury
Lively, rugged, nimble
drcbrath   on Aug 26, 2017
added a photo
New bike with fresh dirt, just 25 miles worth (and counting)!
drcbrath   on Aug 20, 2017
spec'd a bike: Ibis Mojo HD4
drcbrath   on Aug 20, 2017
added a photo
My new bike, Ibis Mojo HD4
drcbrath   on Aug 20, 2017
commented on Ibis Releases Refined 4th Generation Mojo HD
I picked up my new HD4 two days ago. There is no front derailleur mount not even hidden on back of the seat tube.
My greatest trouble setting up tubeless has been leaking around the valve stem. The rim center channel makes it difficult for the valve base to plug the rim stem hole; especially on my Spank Oozy wheels with the patented Ooh-bah bead bed. So out of simple frustration with a leaky rear wheel setup I am…
drcbrath   on Jul 28, 2017
replied to How to spice up your "Go to Trail"
For a loop, ride it backward.
drcbrath   on Jul 4, 2017
added a review of Horsethief

Pleasant, winding, mostly singletrack. No extended climbs, but a fair amount of vertical for the modest length anyway. Good ride...
Yes, you are right; suspension designs are repeating. Well placed single pivot is efficient, simple, and reliable. Mountain Cycle used the simplest single pivot design very successfully many years ago. Orange, as you point out, uses a very simple single pivot; which happens to be nearly the same design as Mountain Cycle's. Foes has always…
drcbrath   on Jun 24, 2017
replied to Singletracks homepage changes
Why are two year old Opinion articles popping up near the top of the home page list?
drcbrath   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Racing question
Race what you have; it's the rider not the bike---and the rider having the fun. I raced my 26-inch  wheeled, long travel, "all-mountain" bike in an ultra-endurance event (64 miles with 9000...
drcbrath   on May 31, 2017
commented on Ibis Releases Refined 4th Generation Mojo HD
I have been looking all day for a front derailleur mount on it; but, it looks like the HD4 is 1x specific. I might have to get a Hammerschmidt.
drcbrath   on May 9, 2017
replied to Shortcuts :(
All great suggestions. I love the organic barb idea. I wonder though, what is the purpose of the shortcuts? Do they fulfill some need? E.g. does one bypass or parallel a trail so deeply eroded...
Liability waivers are unenforceable scrap paper in California.
And when someone does leave their keys, with such suspicious glances around to be sure no one saw; did they leave the real keys, or decoys just so they could say, "Hah!...
Ghetto singlespeed does work---I have done it four times. Rejoin the chain with a little slack, enough to handle the max needed. And coast over bumps and through rough patches; just as pedaling is needed to shift, pedaling also helps the chain drop. Ghetto single isn't likely to win any bike races. But it beats…
Fascinating! I suspect the real inflation is in my wishes.
drcbrath   on Apr 4, 2017
added a photo
Long, low, and slack
drcbrath   on Apr 1, 2017
updated Anza-Cuyamaca North Side Singletrack conditions to Good
drcbrath   on Mar 12, 2017
replied to Crazy Trail Tales?
A nude man taking a selfie.
drcbrath   on Mar 12, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
I run tubeless. Rarely flat. I carry tube & pump just in case. Putting the tube in out on the trail is just as easy as replacing a flat tube (but a...
Another thing I have noticed is the difference in online services. I put all my rides into both Garmin Connect and Strava. Last year's total mileage reported between the two sites differed by 6 miles (out of a total of 3200). Thinking I had somehow left out some small ride in Strava, I searched in…
drcbrath   on Mar 10, 2017
replied to New Helmet
All helmets have to me the same basic safety standards even $20 Walmart models. But I moved up to Bell Super 2R with MIPs.
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