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Began riding the fire roads of Marin County in the mid-sixties, on my Sears Spaceliner, before mountain bikes were a glimmer in the eye of guys like Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze.

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Forgot to post the story link.
If you haven't heard, Stelios (aka Stelianos) has been charged by police (RCMP) with fraud and public mischief. The local MTB community called it right, right from the start.
I concur with the previous comments, and will add one more. There's no way in Hell that a rider coming across an abandoned bike on Merlin View would steal it. If somebody did go to the effort to bring it out the six or so kilometers it would take, they would post a notice at…
BrentYYC   on Aug 28, 2014
added Shimano XTR M-985 2X10
Introducing Shimanos first-ever, off-road, two-ring race crankset. The M985 XTR Race Double is a purpose-built race crank with the strength...
BrentYYC   on Aug 28, 2014
added Shimano XTR M981 Sil-Tec
A new XTR group also means a new chain. The M981 is a directional 10-speed design; it features hollow pins...
BrentYYC   on Aug 28, 2014
added Stans ZTR Race Gold 29er
The improved rim design provides a wider tire base for more stability and traction, a lower sidewall for increased usable...
Good article, and good background on Banff. Banff seems to have fallen off the radar in recent years, but those...
BrentYYC   on Aug 28, 2014
added a comment on The Heart of Canmore: The Canmore Nordic Centre
Outstanding article! You did a great job capturing the history of the area and the differences between Canmore and Banff....
You must have had a great trip :)
Cool! Thanks for the heads up.
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