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john.from.vt   on Jul 20, 2009
added a review of Sunday River Bike Park

My first time riding lift accessed trails... great stuff! The 'More Difficult' trails are more advanced than most of that...
john.from.vt   on Jul 20, 2009
updated Sunday River Bike Park
to Open.

Incredible grip at speed, in turns, all around awesome tire for winter riding. Will not slip or slide on hard...

I started on the north side of Pate Road where the clay pits and Hangman trails are. I was turned...
john.from.vt   on Jan 20, 2008
updated UWF Mountain Bike Trails
to Open.
I get so many looks from cars driving by when it's 20 degrees outside... and off I go, ski jacket,...
john.from.vt   on Dec 25, 2007
added a review of Trek Fuel 70

The overall feel of the ride, not much suspension bob at all from the Rock Shox Bar rear shock when...
john.from.vt   on Nov 6, 2007
added a review of Camp Johnson

From my recent experience- as long as you stay in the woods, the MP's don't care. If you go biking...
john.from.vt   on Nov 6, 2007
added a review of Callahan State Park

The south side stuff is pretty good. There's more foot and equestrian traffic on this side. This entire area is...

This is a great ride, not that technical, but has some fast downhills and a couple decent climbs. Just under...
john.from.vt   on Nov 4, 2007
added a review of Saxon Hill

A couple of the Saxon Hill trails are very well maintained thanks to a local organization- Fellowship of the Wheel....

The trails at BHS are definately pretty technical, not reccomended for hard tails and no front suspension. It's definately biker...

It's a sweet ride, a bit rooty and rocky. Good climbs and descents for the area. Jump in right at...
john.from.vt   on Mar 4, 2007
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