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betorac   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Anybody riding 2.6s yet??
I have 2.6 Nobby Nic in front and Rocket Ron in the back on Banshee Spitfire.  One of the best combo's for Midwest trail riding.  Feels like normal tires but way more...
betorac   on Feb 20, 2017
rode 6.8 miles at Spears Woods

Canal and XX via Strava
betorac   on Feb 9, 2017
replied to Cleaning Stanchions... and other stuff
Once in a while I use Maxima SC1 Silicon spray.  Be careful not to get it on brakes. Repels dust and keeps the fork working silky smooth...
I haven't ridden in Peoria but I really like Kickapoo and Palos.  Kickapoo is like a mini Brown County and very well designed and constructed.  It has flow and advanced sections like...
betorac   on Jan 28, 2017
rode 11.8 miles at Raceway Woods

Raceway first ride of 2017 via Strava
betorac   on Dec 14, 2016
added a review of Raceway Woods

Awesome trails in the chicago burbs. Very tight and twisty to make it fun. Some berms, jumps, bridges to make...
Wheel building for newbs Are carbon wheels worth it? Are carbon bars or cranks worth it? How to keep in shape during winter? How to lose weight from biking? Trail building and maintenance tips.. How to get...
If you can find it, its my favorite beer.  Dragon's Milk For a non-milk, maybe try Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing Co.  out of California
betorac   on Apr 15, 2016
added Banshee Spitfire
140mm Trail/All Mountain bike
betorac   on Jun 14, 2013
created a My Trails
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