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I like long rides on singletrack.
ACree   on May 9, 2019
rode 9.1 miles at Tiger Mountain

Chasing daylight via Strava
ACree   on May 5, 2019
rode 10.7 miles at Shelburg Falls

Getting the band back together via Strava
ACree   on May 3, 2019
rode 7.4 miles at Raging River State Forest

Evening Ride via Strava
ACree   on Apr 27, 2019
rode 8.1 miles at Raging River State Forest

MTB, much more important than yard work via Strava
ACree   on Apr 20, 2019
rode 8.7 miles at Lake Sawyer

Afternoon Ride via Strava
ACree   on Mar 23, 2019
rode 4.8 miles at Duthie Hill

Showing Marcrofts around the neighborhood via Strava
ACree   on Jan 27, 2019
rode 11.1 miles at Slim Shady

Very tempting to just stay here via Strava
ACree   on Jan 1, 2019
rode 8.9 miles at Lake Sawyer

Singletrack Cycles New Years Day Ride via Strava
It took 8 years and 60 drafts for the Wilderness act to become law. Surely we can give STC a bit more time. Besides, it's not your money they're allegedly wasting. Or is your incessant trolling because you're threatened that they might succeed?
Figures I'd see this after writing out my own using Lee's article. Oh well. Thanks for putting this up Jeff.
ACree   on Nov 14, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
My prediction is that ebikes and emotorcycles are going to morph into the same thing. There will be a brief period where it's an e-powered free for all, and then (in the US) we'll lose access to trails. In the absence of any feasible means to distinguish between human powered, class 1, 2, 3, etc.…
ACree   on Oct 6, 2018
rode 37.7 miles at Wedekind Trail

Partial sick puke. More of a mild flu. via Strava
So before ebikes, you were incapable of simply slowing down to her pace? It's great that you like them and get to ride together. It doesn't change them from being motorized vehicles. The irony of you mentioning that you enjoy them in the wilderness...
Jeff, while it may matter as far legality whether the USFS and BLM view it as black and white, I think it will matter a lot more how other user groups view it, and the reality is that it is a slippery slope once any form of power is allowed. A quick google search "Class…
Nice article that missed a couple of huge points. First, in the US, many, if not most, of our MTB trails are designated as nonmotorized. Ebikes are motorized. Pretending otherwise is false logic that will cause a loss of credibility with other trail user groups. Ebikers and their sellers are getting pushback because instead of…
ACree   on Sep 8, 2018
rode 79.9 miles at Dockton Park MTB Trail System

When smart attorneys recommend dumb things via Strava
ACree   on Aug 25, 2018
rode 13 miles at Tokul - West

Evening Ride via Strava
ACree   on Aug 18, 2018
rode 11.4 miles at Raging River State Forest

I wonder if I’d go faster with a fanny pack and goggles... via Strava
ACree   on Aug 10, 2018
rode 35.1 miles at Agate Creek

Monarch Crest via Strava
ACree   on Aug 9, 2018
rode 18.5 miles at CDT: Alpine Tunnel

MTBing through a history class via Strava
ACree   on Aug 8, 2018
rode 14.1 miles at Moonstone Trail

Brecksploration via Strava

Most of Searle Pass via Strava
ACree   on Aug 6, 2018
rode 21 miles at Moonstone Trail

Small ringing it via Strava
ACree   on Aug 5, 2018
rode 15.4 miles at Moonstone Trail

When your knee prevents racing in Breck, the next best thing is riding in Breck via Strava
ACree   on Jul 26, 2018
commented on 10 of the Worst Mountain Bike Climbs in the USA
"That means two things – the descent is great, and the climb isn’t, which is why riders shuttle whenever possible" Where do you come up with such tripe? Is this the singletrack enquirer? I for one, have never ridden DG as anything but a loop. The only question is whether to climb the road or…
Acceptable reasons to shuttle: - route is impractical/dangerous to ride as a loop (Monarch Crest, McKenzie River, Whole Enchilada type rides) Unacceptable reasons to shuttle: - climbing is hard (Devils Gulch, Alpine/ATCA, the majority of Cogwild and Oregon Adventures runs) - to get more runs in on climbable routes - especially when they're multi-use and…
ACree   on Jul 5, 2018
rode 11.7 miles at Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain Sauna via Strava
ACree   on Jul 4, 2018
rode 16.2 miles at Tokul - West

Working on my no glove roadie tan via Strava
ACree   on Jul 4, 2018
rode 7.4 miles at Predator

Tiger Tuesday with Mire via Strava
ACree   on Jun 30, 2018
rode 9.2 miles at Tiger Mountain

Evening Ride via Strava
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