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trbrooks73   on Mar 16, 2019
spec'd a bike: Cannondale Habit Carbon 2
trbrooks73   on Feb 20, 2019
replied to I'm going crazy, please give advise
Let me throw in my 2 cents...I went through a similar dilemma last year at this time.  There is even a thread on this forum where I too solicited advice about which...
trbrooks73   on Aug 2, 2018
replied to Trail Riding Bike - NC
All, After everyone took time to respond, I felt it was appropriate to provide a final update.  After much debate and searching for the right deal, I went with the Cannondale Habit 2...
trbrooks73   on Aug 2, 2018
replied to Best time to buy a new bike?
I just bought a new Cannondale Habit 2, (2017 model on closeout).   Retail: $5,600.  Sale Price: $2,600.  Bam! That is a carbon fiber bike with XTR rear derailed, drop post, XT shifter,...
trbrooks73   on May 26, 2018
replied to Trail Riding Bike - NC
I rented the Evil Calling in Washington a couple weeks ago while out there on business.  I spent 3 hours at the Duthie Man Bike Park running flow trails, the race track,...
trbrooks73   on May 24, 2018
started a topic: Trail Riding Bike - NC
I am in NC and ride mostly local trails around Charlotte, with some adventures to a few northern trails.  I ride single track mostly, Blue and Some Black Diamond ratings (intermediate and...
trbrooks73   on Jun 1, 2012
added a review of Town Run Trail Park

This is a fun ride, very fast with a few technical areas but nothing you could call challenging. My main...

Rode this on May 29, 2012. Great little MTN bike park. I like that you can connect sections of the...
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