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John, The party is over. The Democrats are going to control the House. Even Ted Stroll and Jackson Radcliffe of STC have admitted that if the Dems control either chamber of Congress, there will always be someone there to block the STC Bill. Again, Mike Lee, the guy that sponsored the STC Bill in the…
Don't say you weren't warned about Senator Mike Lee. He is the same guy that sponsored the Sustainable Trails Coalition Bill for Bikes in the Wilderness. I told you guys then it was bad news.
ACree, I am not the one saying that it's over. Ted Stroll said in an 2015 Podcast Interview on Singletracks that if there is a Democrat House, the STC Bill is done.
Just a reminder, the Alleghany National Forest decided NOT to have mountain bikes at Tracy Ridge.
You should really stop promoting the Sustainable Trails Coalition. If they don't get their Bill passed in the next few weeks they never will. It has been one huge giant waste of $200,000. And if you actually read the Montana Wilderness Study Area Act of 1977, it's clear that mountain bikes should have never been…
Here's a false statement in the article: "The issue is the US Forest Service Region 1. Their default position is to manage public use of public land as anti-bike." Sorry, but this is not the case. The Forest Service is just following the law. Maybe mountain bikers just need to read the Montana Wilderness Study…
The Montana Wilderness Study Area Act of 1977 clearly says the Wilderness Study Areas must be administered to “maintain their presently existing wilderness character and potential for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System.” It’s obvious that allowing mountain biking in these areas is not maintaining “their presently existing wilderness character and potential for inclusion.”…
isawtman   on Jul 31, 2018
commented on Why Are Some Chapters Leaving IMBA?
StevenSava: STC is done. Their continuous lies every time they opened their mouth did them in. They wasted over $200,000 on their stupid cause and only made things worse for mountain bikers.
The advanced Hiking gear doesn't allow you to go several times faster than you could without it.
John Fisch. The intent of the Wilderness Act is already clear. No mechanical transport, which includes mountain bikes. And there is a need to protect Wilderness Areas from mountain bikes. Their impacts are different than hikers, that's for sure, and their numbers are something like 10 times greater than horseback riders. Even the researchers have…
Again Jordan, living in Colorado you have over 10 million Acres of public land that are not Wilderness Areas. Go bust a nut
Jordan, bottom line is that all these Federal Lands that John Fisch bitches about not being able to ride on, only amount to about 4 million acres in Colorado. There's something like 14 million acres of Public Land in Colorado. So, there are plenty of great places for John to go mountain biking. Another thing…
LaDeekus, Wilderness Areas are less than 3% of the Land Area in the Lower 48 states. These are areas that Congress has set aside as being fragile and sensitive areas. Let's keep them that way. The Wilderness Act has worked perfectly so far. No need to change it, especially when it's being done by the…
LaDeekus if there is a trail that is in a Wilderness Area that is not maintained very well, that's perfectly fine. This first purpose of wilderness areas are land preservation. Being a wildlife sanctuary is also an important purpose. Recreation is low on the list
We do worry about our own access issues. We have limited wilderness areas, and we would like to keep them protected
LaDeekus, What you are telling us is that California has something like 40 million acres of Public land and you're crying that you cannot ride on 15 million acres of it? All of us back east are crying for you. States like Texas have very little public lands. My advice to you is to stop…
IMBA did the absolute right thing in testifying against this rotten Bill. The Wilderness Act says "no other form of mechanical transport" and that obviously bans bikes from Wilderness Areas. The Wilderness Act is doing great over the last 53 year, in fact, so great that some mountain bikers want to bike in Wilderness Areas.…
There is plenty of space to the south and west of Bear Valley that is not Wilderness. Bicycling boomtowns such as Fruita and Crested Butte have Wilderness Areas nearby, yet they are doing perfectly fine.
It is the San Diego Mountain Biking Association's board and officers that should resign. Again, letting the Anti-Environment Republicans get their hands on our Wilderness Areas is a recipe for disaster. And, the SDMBA is doing a rotten job because 45 mountain bikers in their area had their mountain bikes confiscated by the military because…
It doesn't surprise me. Seeing Bears Ears get carved up by the same Republicans who are sponsoring the STC Bill was the turning point.
Like mountain bikers have never started fires
That's one difference between mountain biking and hiking. Yes, hikers do step on wildlife, but they are more likely to see them than mountain bikers.
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Looks like mountain bikers are not "sharing."
John, it's not disappointing that he used the 2% statistic. That's because it is a correct statistic. Even Ted Stroll has said that Wilderness Areas will never be over 3% of the land area in the Lower 48 states. There simply isn't very much land left that would qualify as Wilderness. What's disappointing is that…
Twiddles, I enjoy defending Wilderness Areas from being ruined
You guys can live in a fairy tale fantasy land all you want. I'm sorry that I bring a little piece of reality to you, and you can't handle it.
isawtman   on May 11, 2017
commented on Why Are Some Chapters Leaving IMBA?
K2, STC is a disaster. They are spewing misinformation every time they open their mouths. Just check out my blog post here. And Susie, The Bikes in Wilderness Issue is absolutely terrible. STC keeps getting the worst possible lawmakers on the Environment sponsoring their Bills. The latest is Tom McClintock who wants to sell…
isawtman   on May 11, 2017
commented on Why Are Some Chapters Leaving IMBA?
It just shows what contention the Sustainable Trails Coalition has brought to mountain biking.
Well, The statistics for Bears and Hikers are different. According to the study, mountain bikers had a disproportionately high rate of encounters with bears. That just goes to show that mountain biking IS DIFFERENT than hiking.
zozo, Here is a study on the subject "Schmor (1999) interviewed 41 mountain bikers in the Calgary region who cycled in the Rocky Mountains. The responses indicated that 84% of survey participants had come within 50 m of a bear while mountain biking and 66% of the encounters clearly startled the bear."
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