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Lake Forest // Arizona

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Really nice call-out list for novice riders. I’d stress that Western Desert Classic (beyond 6mi from Pima) is solidly intermediate. Browns Ranch has a ton of Green to ride, including some of the newer trails in the southwestern part. That said, not well marked yet in that section and there are also many challenging blues…
Sorry, seeing this a year late. But still wanted to pass on my appreciation. You captured so many disparate things really well- the urban MTB paradise that is Phoenix (wholly under-appreciated/recognized IMHO), nuance of the flop vs wreck (BIG distinction and huge in my riding vs when 1st started, the danger/impact incident side of MTB-ing…
As an avid Phx MTBer, I’ve been impressed with this article every time I come across it. Spot-on selection of the very best MTB trails in the area (with so many areas to choose between). Personally, I’d add the McDowell Mountain Park network (competitive loops + interconnected adjacent trails) to the list... [Fair warning to…
dhurdle   on Dec 28, 2017
added a review of K-trail & Vortex

K Trail is one of the best in the state. And of course that's saying something. Don't tell too many...
dhurdle   on Dec 8, 2017
added a review of Cloudview

Outstanding trail system. Clearly not as well known as others in greater Phx ie a "hidden gem" still. Often twisty...
dhurdle   on Apr 18, 2017
added a review of Gateway Loop

Perhaps this Trail (as well as Wingate Pass) has changed significantly over time with erosion, there appears to be little...
dhurdle   on Apr 18, 2017
added a review of Cave Creek Park

Wow. What a 24mi loop! Incredible diversity of Trails in one ride. And the scenery of course... Enjoy!

For Wingate Gateway - see my Gateway review. Lot erosion with zero sign of maintenance, now near-continuous steep often unrideable...
dhurdle   on Oct 11, 2016
added a review of McDowell Mountain Park

Not at all a technical challenge like so many rock-garden AZ trails. But still great fun single track loop. Pretty...
dhurdle   on Sep 24, 2016
added a review of SRAM Eagle XX1 12-speed

500% gear range! 30x50 to climb anything. Rock solid shifting
dhurdle   on Aug 25, 2013
added a review of Beluah

For a mountain biker new to the Chicago area, north shore singletrack seems pretty nonexistent. So I was really pleased...
dhurdle   on Jul 7, 2013
updated Chipilly Woods Trail
to Wet.
dhurdle   on Jul 1, 2013
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