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sal_pic   on Aug 14, 2017
answered a question about
Check out their Facebook Page for workday updates.
sal_pic   on Aug 14, 2017
updated Soldier Creek Park conditions to Poor
sal_pic   on Aug 13, 2017
rode 4.4 miles at Soldier Creek Park

Soldiers Sunday via Strava
sal_pic   on Aug 13, 2017
updated Soldier Creek Park conditions to Fair
sal_pic   on Aug 8, 2015
checked in at Little Big Econ State Forest
sal_pic   on Mar 6, 2012
added a comment on Are Unauthorized MTB Trails Growing in the US?
Now what do we really mean by "unofficial" trials? I have ridden trails that were just built and used by...
sal_pic   on Oct 20, 2011
checked in at Quiet Waters Park
What about fenders? Yay, nay?
Good luck guys, and have fun! I gotta root for Greg though, as he sent me some swag last summer...
sal_pic   on Aug 6, 2011
added a review of Alligator Alley

One of my favorite parts of any southern Gainesville ride. Riding by the lake is quite nice, and the trail...
sal_pic   on Jun 18, 2010
added a comment on How to Find People to Mountain Bike With
Not to be a debbie downer, but I had a pretty negative experience with a bike shop ride. Long story...
sal_pic   on Apr 13, 2010
added a review of Schwinn Aluminum Comp

Inexpensive, no frills bike. Great for beginning/intermediate rider. Also very durable! Mine has survived for 6 years now, many of...
sal_pic   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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