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Its a good reminder. Though we know its not good, we just keep doing it, like riding on wet trails. Brings awareness as most said.
arkinet   on Sep 29, 2017
replied to What mtb socks do you love?
whatever's in the "sale" bin.
My son's HS MTB team uses FB, but scheduling and other team communications are done thru TeamSnap.
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arkinet   on Sep 27, 2017
replied to New TransAlp Record Set... On an eMTB
I think anyone with minimal fitness can do it on an e-bike. So the record doesn't really matter, IMHO.
arkinet   on Sep 16, 2017
replied to Kona frame size for 5' 5" female?
If she cant demo, go with the small. You can make a small bike feel roomier with seat and stem adjustments, but you cant make big bike smaller.
You guys do group rides or solo? been thinking about doing it, just creeps me out going solo. Was forced to "night ride" once when I got stuck waiting for a very slooooow...
I use mio go, links to an app in your phone for HR, track mileage etc., and its multi-sport. So far it works for my mtb use.
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Been mulling about this, since I don't like packs sticking to my sweaty back on long rides.
arkinet   on Sep 12, 2017
replied to Any tips on mountain biking in winter?
Same setup but with flat pedal, and the layering. Your extremities will feel it the most, eg fingers and toes. Get a good pair of gloves, thickness will depend where you're riding and...
I mean breck100
Maybe Breck epic next? I heard its harder than L100.
Did we break a record yet, for the number of responses in less than a week?
That must be a very defective boost hub to break. Even if its a bontrager.
Wow, great job man! And yeah, it hurts just thinking about that 38t :)
I agree^^^... I ride a fattie most of the time, and a plus bike just work for me. Its a work out, but hey, that's the main reason I ride a bike. And as most say, maybe its with age too. I am more into stable and steady ride, not the scratch-my-elbow-on-the ground as I…
arkinet   on Aug 24, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Riding Solo to Refresh the Soul
+1 on riding solo. Besides the contemplative side of it, I can do my interval and base mile without any interruptions. I'm also tired of people ditching at the last minute.
arkinet   on Aug 11, 2017
replied to Baggies will not stay up
A friend have the same problem. His low cost solution is a sewn velcro attachments between his bib short and baggies. its not 100% solved, but it helped a lot.
arkinet   on Jul 22, 2017
replied to Oval Chainrings opinions?
AB 28t on my fat and HD3, 30t on my ht, wont go back to circ chainring.
arkinet   on Jul 7, 2017
replied to Dealing with flying insects when biking
Knowing where and when Im riding is key. If I know I'm riding around lakes really late in the afternoon, I'll definitely put on OFF spray before a ride. If its waterton canyon, I...
Very nice... this means garage sale for my stash of multi-tools :)
arkinet   on Jun 28, 2017
replied to iPhone bar mounts
Same with Raymond, in my pocket. I don't like stuff on my handlebar. Maybe a bike bell when I know the trail is bz, or light mount when I do night ride....
Too long, maybe 15min max. We all have responsibilities, and ride time is precious.
arkinet   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Commute length and kit?
Full on but the shoes, regardless of travel time.
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.. and bear spray.
arkinet   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Anybody riding 2.6s yet??
looks like a perfect rear tire for my plus front.
arkinet   on Jun 22, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Fear Is a Manipulative Bastard
As I grow old, I'd call it being more cautious and responsible, knowing that my bones wont heal as quick and that I have a family and a major medical expense can be a big blow to our finances. So I ride within my limit.
My stumping ground: Bear Creek Lake, redrocks(can get too crowded), Green mountain, table top in Golden, lair o' the bear, waterton canyon( the start of Colorado trail), marshal mesa, betasso... just a...
Yep, unfair to have only one. So here we go... blingest s-works 29er for xc, top of the line yeti sb6 turq for trail/all mountain, whatever Greg Minaar was riding when he won...
arkinet   on May 31, 2017
replied to Hitch Rack - Full Suspension
^^^this, a friend have one and so far its very stable and quick to load/unload, and most of all, light. Just like the idea that I can buy just a 1 tray...
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your brakes hydraulic fluid can sometimes leak too.
arkinet   on May 31, 2017
replied to Do you ride with a bell?
I should get one, its summer time and frontrange trails' crazy busy.
Buffalo Creek, Pine CO, part of the 15 system trails, got beginner to double black diamond trails and you could easily spend your whole weekend just exploring it.
arkinet   on May 13, 2017
replied to How often do you wash your mountain bike?
Only when its muddy. But for just small dirt or dust, never. Maybe rinse a bit every 100 ride or so  :)
I always slow down, or stop whenever I saw a dog not on leash. Coz you'll never know how these pooch react to bikes. They might be used to other people, but people on bikes kinda look strange for dogs who are not used to it. A hard lesson learned when a buddy and I…
arkinet   on May 7, 2017
replied to Newbie Recommendation: Plus HT or FS
HT plus, and go to your LBS, let her do some test ride and let her decide.
arkinet   on May 2, 2017
replied to Tips for preventing leg cramps
hydrate, and banana before a ride.
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