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Great article Greg. It is so true we need to respect all. It’s battle to keep our trials open The frustration being a Mtn biker is coming across a rude fellow biker. When being friendly & say hi with a smile to hikers 99% if them well respond in a friendly manner & even tell…
rhartman18   on Jan 5, 2018
updated Sweetwater Preserve conditions to Good
rhartman18   on Jun 20, 2017
added a review of Ranch Trail 62

Trail is not techicnal has for rough riding. Just has some good climbs. The decents have a nice flow to...

Great trail the decent to White Spar is a blast
That is a great article. Great advice. The only thing I haven't done is the pump tracks, need to work on that. I'm 65 soon to be 66. Been riding for 15 yrs & still having a blast. I think that what keeps me going strong. Slowed a little on the climbs & probably do…
rhartman18   on Mar 29, 2017
spec'd a bike: Trek Rumblefish Pro
rhartman18   on Mar 29, 2017
spec'd a bike: Trek Stache 9 29 Plus
rhartman18   on Mar 29, 2017
added a photo of Hawksnest Stagecoach Loop
Old Tank on Hawks nest
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