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Diamond Springs // California

BonKo   on Nov 6, 2012
added a map of Sly Park
BonKo   on Aug 15, 2012
added 13 photos.
BonKo   on Aug 14, 2012
added a review of Fleming Meadows

A great number of different rides are possible in this area. From dirt road to single track, easy to moderately...
BonKo   on Aug 14, 2012
added 3 photos.
Trail maps are located at the Fleming Meadows Parking area OR at the trail entrance near the 2nd (Eastern most)...
BonKo   on Aug 2, 2012
added 7 photos.
From Azalea camp ground. Water was plenty warm enough to swim!
BonKo   on Aug 1, 2012
added a review of Sly Park

Bumpy Meadows is the El Dorado Irrigation District trail which goes around Sly Park Reservoir, also known as Jenkinson Lake....
BonKo   on Aug 1, 2012
added a review of Union Valley Reservoir

This is a very easy beginners trail. The entire trail is paved 2 lane. The trail (and campgrounds) were built...
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