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KonaStorm   on Jun 10, 2013
added a photo of Kona Fire Mountain
My bike
That's pretty sick!
+ 1 other
I wanna hit that up!
KonaStorm   on Sep 9, 2012
added a review of Lincoln Parish Park

Like a couple of others have said, it's worth the drive for most, seeing as we don't have a mountainous...
KonaStorm   on Sep 4, 2012
added a comment on THE Industries T2 Carbon Helmet and Cosmo Short
Gonna have to look into to some THE and throw out my old 661 stuff
I cannot wait to see this! Freaking stoked!
KonaStorm   on Jul 8, 2012
added a review of The Monkey Trail

Also, known as "Chimp Haven". This trail is awesome! I head out there regularly! After a good rain, you get...
KonaStorm   on Jul 8, 2012
created a My Trails
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