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I love to climb, but descending is ok too. I'll wait for you at the top, but you'll wait for me at the bottom. :-)
Ok, I called Shimano USA today. The part number is Y8H098010. It is available at JensonUSA for $3.99. https://www.jensonusa.com/Shimano-Banjo-Bolt-O-Ring Shame on Shimano for jerking us around like this! They absolutely should have included it with the caliper. When I called Shimano to get the part number, the representative agreed and was going to pass the…
It does not look like the BH90 hose includes the correct banjo bolt for the M8020 caliper. Besides, I should not have to buy an entire hose kit just to get the correct banjo bolt. I can't imagine why Shimano would sell the caliper without the correct banjo bolt. Any suggestions on where to get…
Any suggestions on how to "practice" falling without the ironic downside of possible injury while trying to prevent injury?
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