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Parker // Colorado

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beckijhn   on Aug 4, 2006
added a review of Trail 401

The uphill was killer (this is my first year - ouch) We parked at Gothic and rode up the pass...
beckijhn   on Jul 4, 2006
added Spruce Mountain Trail Upper Loop
It goes green to black within the first half mile and then mellows on top of spruce mountain. It loops...
beckijhn   on Jun 30, 2006
added a review of Kipp's Loop

Rode this trail 6/30/06. For a weekday ride (noonish) it was pretty deserted. I saw three other riders (one I...
beckijhn   on Jun 30, 2006
added 2 photos.
Top of Strand Hill
beckijhn   on Jun 29, 2006
added a review of Strand Hill

Did this ride 6/24/06. The climb was killer but the ride was awesome. Some really nice downhill sections. Watch your...
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