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I bought a Revved Gorilla Gravity Smash in April (2019).  I decided to buy one based on the fact it was a fully-modern, good looking and well-made USA product from a small...
My first real mtn bike was a steel-forked aluminum framed hardtail from Sports Authority ($200.00) back in ‘96. It was heavy, but I rode it everywhere for the next 3 years. Life got in the way and priorities took over, but the bug bit again in 2010. This time, 29ers were just getting steam in…
coot271   on Jul 7, 2019
replied to Upgrade or buy a new bike?
Agree with the prior ops.  It makes no sense upgrading parts any more unless you just really love your current frame or you wear out/break something.  "Standards" change so quickly now and...
Thanks for the accurate description of southeastern riding. I always felt that I performed more physically in a 15 mile loop in Georgia than I would on a 50 mile trail out west. The trails here can be demanding with rock gardens, root steps, various critters on the trail, steep switchbacks, heat, humidity, and mud.…
That....was idiotic. A complete waste of internet blogging space. Yielding???? Freakin figure it out and dont worry about double tracks. What the hell is wrong with you people?
Excellent article. I have narrowed my choices to this particular rack. I ride by myself about 80% of the time and didn’t want the excess baggage of a second rack that I will not use. I really appreciate the option to add on an extra rack if needed! Two questions....does the rack pivot downwards and…
Really? No one is going to read it. If the new rider doesn’t already have any sense about them, then an extra lousy booklet will not change anything. Etiquette is learned by doing and using common sense.....SMH!
coot271   on Mar 10, 2019
replied to Reader Bike Checks
This was my first full squisher. It's a 2015 Motobecane Fantom Pro 6by6. This pic is not the latest iteration, but mostly how it still looks. Since this pic, I added a...
I don't buy this at all. Yes indeed, I would stand there with my mouth open and wide-eyed if she approached me wanting sponsorship. Other commenter stated Donna needs credentials, which I wholly agree with. With a sport that is expensive, sponsors need proof that their capital will be well-spent and companies makes the…
coot271   on Dec 9, 2018
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
Motobecane Outcast 29er....converted it to a 2x9.  Best hardtail and I learned alot about choosing the right line.  Rode the hell out of it for four years and did a lot of...
What bike are those cranks mounted to?

Yeah, I drove by there tonight (I work for Cobb PD) and saw the signs on the kiosk...trails closed permanently!...
How about thr NS Define and Marin Alpine Trail
coot271   on Mar 30, 2018
commented on Watch: How to Choose Your Next Mountain Bike
Great article. Most of us struggle with this. I gotta ask though, what is a HAIR-O?
Agree with Lunger. Knee jerk reactions that will not solve the issue...Idiotic decisions are polarizing and will only hurt the sport.
coot271   on Feb 11, 2018
commented on Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review
Great article Jeff. While I love my Reverb, the bleeding process does get old, especially when there are other components that need it as makes for long maintenance days. The Fox is a good contender for my next post. By the way, where were you riding for this review?
I apologize if you posted this earlier, but what kind of rig were you riding and what was your gear set up?
coot271   on Sep 7, 2017
replied to New to Atlanta
Again, welcome to Atlanta Chris. Jake and Bull is a good ride, but I would consider Aska Trails near Blue Ridge. I rode Flat Creek (there are several other trails there) and...
100% in the truck to the trails.  Unfortunately, the closest trail is about 9 miles away and the route is extremely busy with  interstate traffic???? with no bike-friendly alternative routes.  I'm just...
coot271   on May 30, 2017
commented on Buyer's Guide: Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes
fsherfy, I don't know what to say, but both the bikes I bought from BD were in good shape. I did have a bad experience with another bike..but that is another story and a different bike shop. You just never know with shipping I guess. And yes, the bikes are definitely bang for your buck,…
coot271   on May 30, 2017
commented on Buyer's Guide: Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes
I am glad the Motobecanes are making the lists. I cut my teeth on a Moto Outcast was a great bike and I had good times riding and doing upgrades.
coot271   on May 29, 2017
replied to Blanket's Creek in Woodstock, GA
Nope..Blankets and Taylor Randhal trails are free, but there are donation boxes at each trailhead should you desire to pony up. I am sure SORBA Woodstock would appreciate it. I try to...
Once again, I'll sing the praises of Bikesdirect. I've had my Fantom Pro 6by6 for 3 years now and it has been a great bike. For 1800 bucks, I couldn't beat the components package. Bikesdirect website doesn't have the Fantom 6by6's anymore, but the HAL6 models look good, and once again, with good component spec.…
coot271   on Apr 2, 2017
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike??
There are sooo many of these forums on the web.  I guess choosing a "beginner" mountain bike used to be an easier process as I know there are ridiculous amounts of options...
coot271   on Mar 25, 2017
added 3 photos.
From my ride today with trusty traildog CeCe. We rode trail 1,8,7,6,5, back to 7, 1. The trail numbers have...
coot271   on Mar 13, 2017
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
Come on and Dance-Motley Crue Kyrie-Mr. Mister Got Your Six-FFDP
I only use hydro pack w/bladder when I take my trail dog with me (use the water bottle for her) and when weather is extremely hot and rides are over an hour....
coot271   on Mar 13, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
05 Toyota Tundra double cab 2wd!  I can carry a bunch of peeps and bikes (4+), PLUS use it for chores/towing/hauling around the house.  Up until 2016, it was my primary ride....
coot271   on Mar 13, 2017
replied to 1 by or 2 by?
I went wide range 1x10 from 2x10.  The 24t small chainring was exceptionally low and good for climbing on the 2x crank, but I decided to shed a bit of weight on...
coot271   on Feb 9, 2017
commented on a photo of Kirwans Track
just enough hut for your butt.
coot271   on Feb 8, 2017
added a photo
Latest photo.....doing a little maintenance
coot271   on Feb 8, 2017
replied to Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?
I bought a Moto single speed 29er in 2010 and loved it.  The singletrack bug bit and I upgraded to a Motobecane Fantom 6by6 Pro dually about 3 years ago. I am...
coot271   on Feb 2, 2017
added a review of River Loop

Very scenic with some hikers here and there. The sketchy downhill just before the Cartecay River is just that.......sketchy!! I...
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