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Bastrop // Texas

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kerryp   on Dec 3, 2013
added 4 photos.
River back up and water is clean after the floods in November (2013)
kerryp   on Sep 2, 2013
added 3 photos.
kerryp   on Sep 2, 2013
added 2 photos.
The trail is a hike/bike trail that consists of clay, gravel, and sand depending on where you are on the...
kerryp   on Jun 16, 2013
added a photo of Colorado River Refuge
Map at the West Trailhead
kerryp   on May 30, 2012
added Lake Bastrop Mtb Trail
The trail travels around the West end of the lake from between the two shores. The trail is a relatively...
kerryp   on Jan 1, 1970
added Colorado River Refuge
This is a mellow trail that is good for beginners. There are not very many technical sections, but the trails...
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