Clementine Loop


vbeckman74 on March 13, 2009
This is obviously staged. Trails don't get any cleaner than that.
fishermrtn on November 11, 2009
This is awesome, I don't think it's staged because who would make themselves eat crap like that.
Foesforchris on June 7, 2010
This pic definately was NOT staged!!!!This pic was taken in the late 90's. I was trying to get decent air on the little kicker jump on a junk bike I had back then, and went straight up and over! It would be pretty dumb to stage a crash like this! I was pretty banged up after this one.
Johneblz on September 22, 2010
If that was staged you earned 5 stars anyway.
mcmahon130 on March 22, 2012
Nice! Great photo! I bet that one hurt tho :-/
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Date posted October 25, 2004
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