Moab Brand Trails

PEARL iZUMi Ambador night ride to greet the full moon. Bar M trail. Moab, Utah.


Greg Heil on December 7, 2017
This photo is downright incredible! It seems so basic on the surface, but once you stare at it for a while... How did you go about taking this?
mongwolf on December 8, 2017
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exceptional photo.
Erik Proano on December 8, 2017
Thanks Greg and Mongwolf! I had just ridden Bartlett Wash at sunset and then rushed over to the Brand trails to catch the rising of the full 'Beaver' moon. I rode out on Bar M as the moon was coming up. I hurriedly set up my camera on a tripod and started shooting in time-lapse mode. I did not have much time to adjust settings between shots. I got lucky, really lucky with this frame.
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Photo info
Uploaded by Erik ProanoDoubletrack
Date posted November 20, 2017
Camera NIKON D3300
Image size 3000x2000
Focal length 200 mm
Exposure 1/25
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