The trail starts at the top of the Advanced Access Trail with a drop down–the trail the crosses under a wooden bridge) and enters a quick climb. From here the trail flows into three small jumps and then winds through some walls of small valleys resulting from strip-mining. Riders follow a steep drop to the …

Morgan Ridge West

either direction. Counter clockwise is usually a better direction. Morgan east is hike only.

Tipsaw Lake

Trail is route. Front runs along lake aren’t too bad. Back side grown up and fairly rough. Trail ties in to gravel road that leads to another parking area and very old cemetery…


The 5.5 mile Kintionki trail has 4 miles of pure single-track and is part of the Salamonie Lake BloodRoot trail system. (Ride the single-track out-and-back to get 8 miles of sweet single-track) The Kintionki trail winds through tall hardwoods and along the waters edge. There are many beautiful view-points on this trail as it winds …

German Ridge

German Ridge is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Hoosier National Forest, Indiana. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of German Ridge bike trail in Hoosier National Forest.


KA-BAR is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Terre Haute, Indiana. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of KA-BAR bike trail in Terre Haute.

Advanced Access Trail

This wide trail heads west from Perimeter Trail passing the entrance end exit to Bushwhack Trail on the right and the KA-BAR exit on the left. Advanced Access Trail then swings north with a view to a small idyllic lake, and climbs past the KA-BAR Trail entrance to the left and at the top of …

Mega Pump

This trail winds through the woods westward on a wider access trail until it turns sharply south to four large and very steep “saddle” valley hills. After a short climb, the trail returns east and with a few short, steep descents and climbs, eventually closes the loop.

Basic Training Skills Trail

The eastern side of this trail is the “Little Kids Loop”, a wide, flat, curving trail perfect for learning how to ride corners and find lines. The trail meanders through a meadow and at the end either a sharp left closes the Little Kids Loop or continuing straight the trail gives way to narrow singletrack …

Rock and Roll

Starting from a bridge leaving the Perimeter trail, the Rock and Roll trail makes a sharp right and a counterclockwise hairpin turn into a run towards a large wooden feature and gap jump (there is an optional line to the right around the feature). The trail then becomes a series of 3-6 ft. “roller” hills …

Griffin Bike Park

Griffin Bike Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Terre Haute, Indiana. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Griffin Bike Park bike trail in Terre Haute.

Perimeter Trail

This is GBP’s longest loop; follow the red shield “Permeter Loop” blazes. Starting near the main parking area, a trail of bench-cuts and bermed corners flows north and then east through the forest (there are four optional wooden skinnies) before reaching a climb and then following a wider trail NW along the lake (Perimeter Loop …