Garumba Medio Día

You are able to ride this track in both directions. The track has two parts that are very different from each other, separated by a big block of stones by the foot of “Mig dia”. One of the parts consists of steep slopes and the other part consists of an area of forest with incredible …

Garumba Final

This track is not very difficult, but there are some parts that you’ll have to pass by foot while there exists a great risk of falling from a considerable height. But while passing by foot there is no risk, but one still has to be careful.

Els Gegants

An excepcional downhill track, with a great number of turns of different kinds upon all types of ground.

Bergantes, Garumba Gigante

A combinated route with high quality Top Tracks, through an area with various landscapes and several beautiful viewpoints over Morella. In the beginning of the route, while leaving road N-232, you will enter a small gravel road. But you will not enter through the metal gateway on the original road, instead you will follow the …

Zahara de la Sierra

We found two amazing trails t be ridden after quite long climbs that can be avoided with partial or full uplift. Both are over very technical and narrow singletracks including some ledge with considerable fall, tight switchbacks and more.

La Pedriza PR-16

La Pedriza PR-16 is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Manzanares El Real, Spain. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of La Pedriza PR-16 bike trail in Manzanares El Real.

El Ingeniero/The Engineer

The Engineer is a 15km singletrack trail located right over San Rafael village in Segovia, in the border with Madrid. It’s at the final part of our tour and we’ll make a big round to reach the Engineer proper trail head. This loop goes through three Spain’s provinces, Madrid, Avila and Segovia and has some …

Camino Viejo/Old path

If Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range would have a hearth you could see in the map a MTB beating in Cercedilla You have to get up early to ride in Cercedilla. Any weekend before 10am there’s almost no place to park your car. Streets are narrow in the old village and there’s heavy flow of …

La Barranca/The Ravine

After a short 1km climb we start the downhill with a rock garden zone by La Tubería (The Pipe) trail which is one of the most famous and technical trails in the zone, its name comes from a water pipe that crosses it all along the descend and you must be careful because it’s easy …

Sotogrande off road

Nice off-road X/C trail. still working on it to add less asphalt and a lot more “all mountain”