Southwind Rail Trail

This is a rail-trail that follows a former Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway line from Iola to Humboldt. At the north end, the trail connects to the southern end of the Prairie Spirit Trail. The surface is crushed limestone, about 12 feet wide. There is no cost to use this trail.

Santa Fe Lake Trail

Note: Santa Fe Lake has been extended with an additional 5.5 miles added north of the creek. Thus there are two separate trails which are currently unconnected. Future plans are to connect both trails once funds are available to design and install a bridge. This trail has been a 4 year project and KSS is …

Tallgrass Heritage Trail

Lying in the heart of the Osage Questas region of Kansas, we invite you to journey through a Kansas prairie ecosystem where you will enjoy woodland areas and fields of native tallgrass abundant with prairie plant and animal life. Construction of the trail began in the witner of 2005. Nearly two miles were cleared from …

Outlet Park Trails

This trail mostly follows the bank of the outlet lake. The trail is mostly chat rock and a little concrete. There are some nature trails that venture into the woods. These trails are dirt, root, and some rocky areas. You will cross some wood plank bridges along the way to make things fun .

Liminal Trail

3.1 mile loop around the Acorns Resort camp ground. Liminal has quite a few steep descents and several steep climbs, some are short and some that are good sized climbs. Pretty well maintained trail and marked too. There are numerous scenic views of lake Milford along the path. This trail flows well and offers some …

Barton Lake

Barton Lake is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Great Bend, Kansas. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Barton Lake bike trail in Great Bend.

East Loop

Tight twisty singletrack through tallgrass and trees with some short ups and downs into an old river wash. It’s a good workout if you take a couple laps. It is usually ridden CCW, but switch it up for something new. This is city land and they are supposed to help us maintain it.

Eagle Rock Mountain Bike Trail

Eagle Rock Mountain Bike Trail is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Independence, Kansas. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Eagle Rock Mountain Bike Trail bike trail in Independence.

Five Star North Prairie Trail

Branching off from the main trail this trail takes you through the open prairie along Fairlawn Rd. and KS-278 down to the inlet of the north cove to Melvern Lake. You will hook back to connect to the main trail. This trail is about 1mile long and is a mowed path through the tall grass.

Crooked Knee Horse Trail

There are several different ways to ride this network of trails. There is lots of prairie riding that is rather fast.

Eisenhower State Park

Eisenhower State Park is located on the north side of Melvern Lake. This park has two fun trail to ride. Five Star Trail or Ike’s Trail has three loops to make a three mile ride. Crooked Knee is a horse / bike trail. This is a network of trails that you can choose what route …

Witches’ Broom Nature Trail

This trail is a short 1 mile loop that consist of mostly dirt and roots with a few rocky challenges along the way. You first descend a rocky hill across a creek bed and climb a technical part of the trail. The trail then takes you through the woods along the point . There are …