Atherton Hill

The trail goes up Atherton hill. You can come back down that route for a crazy DH ride, or go down the backside to the power lines and bear right to Dutton Hill Road. If you go right before the power lines, you’ll end up on lakeside drive (same as Goose Pond) and you can …

Mt Agamenticus

Mt Agamenticus is a singletrack mountain bike trail in York, Maine. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Mt Agamenticus bike trail in York.

Nordic Heritage Center

Nordic Heritage Center is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Presque Isle, Maine. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Nordic Heritage Center bike trail in Presque Isle.


the trail in a mostly xc ride with little technical sections. it follows the creek and goes in little loops. very good for an after work ride. if you go back far you will find dirt jumps that We bilt.

Alden Hill

Alden Hill is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Gorham, Maine. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Alden Hill bike trail in Gorham.

Bradbury Mt State Park

Trails are single track to ski and snowmobille trails. The mountain is rather small and you can easily ride al the trails here in 3 to 4 hours. No night riding. Good access to snowmobile trails in winter.

Mount Apatite

At 325 acres it offers a little bit of everything, dense forest stands, semi-precious stone mining sites, abandoned quaries, ledges and large glacial erratics. The trails are all natural surface ranging from old woods roads to sinuous singletracks. In all you’ll find just under 8 miles of trails. They are very well maintained by the …

Evergreen Cemetary

stick to the left at the fork, go up little hill then take right up singletrack slick rock trail. or stay low and keep on the easy double track. take any of the lefts and try to make it up the hill. many inter-connected trails here. mostly easy to middle class. a couple burly drops …

River Trail

Intermediate / Advanced Fast single track with a few short (bike length) bridges. Trail sees many riders coming in both directions so be aware and move to the side for advanced bikers. This will take you to Hannaford’s in Falmouth.

Camden Snow Bowl

The first part of this trail is NOT easy. You basicaly climb zig-zag-ing up the mountain over rocks and roots for about a mile. That part is a harsh way to start the day. Get warmed up before you start. Once you get up to the left side of the resort the trail levels off …

Back Country Expressway

This is a sweet trail . It begins with a reletivly easy …long climb on doule tract then you have a moment or two to catch your breath . At top go left continue on double about 1/4 then just before the steep downhill another left onto tight single tract keep your eyes open this …