Watch: What It Takes To Get the Shot – Photographer Rueben Krabbe in Squamish, BC

In this Episode: As an action sports photographer, some days often end up being more about documenting an activity rather than actually doing it. Reuben Krabbe, a Squamish local and renowned photographer, has been focusing on packing light and documenting from right beside the riders to authentically capture in-the-moment action. Joined by Stephen Matthews and Sid Slotegraaf, the trio pedal out the door to ride some classic Squamish granite and shoot photos for Freehub’s upcoming photo book.

Snapshot is a series focusing on four different photographers and the communities in which they live and work. World-class photography is a mix of amazing locations, unique characters and capturing the moments that happen in between. This series tags along with some of the worlds best photographers in the Sea to Sky corridor and provides a glimpse into the way they operate while documenting the area’s remarkable trails.


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