Watch: What Is The Ultimate All-Rounder Bike?

What is the ultimate all rounder bicycle? Si from GCN seems to think that it’s the Roadies Gravel Bike…luckily Neil is here to set him straight and prove that the Cross Country bike is superior! We set them some challenges to complete in the Dolomites to see what came out on top…

What is a Gravel Bike?
A gravel is similar to a traditional road bike, but with a few crucial differences… Firstly the wheels are the same as 29ers, but you can get 27.5 bikes. The top tube is a lot shorter than most road bikes, to put you in a comfortable position and the tyres are 1.5 inches and have grippy tread and even some with suspension!

The Challenges

1. 5Km Gravel Time Trial

2. Singletrack

3. 10Km Gravel Climb

4. Technical Climb

What do you think is the ultimate all rounder bike?

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