Watch: Ultimate 48-State MTB Road Trip

Andrew Taylor's 48-state mountain bike road trip hits the best trails in the heartland states: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Andrew Taylor set out on the ultimate mountain bike road trip adventure, seeking to ride in all 48 continental US states. Video camera in tow, Andrew showcases the incredible riding that can be found all over the USA. Singletracks will post regular updates from Andrew as he completes his trip!

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I’m stoked to finally visit Kansas, a state I had never visited before. My buddy Jack Almond flew in from Vancouver to keep the good times rolling. With the next few states on the trip being located in the great plains, its should make for a challenging visit but we are both excited to see what’s in store.


From Kansas, Jack and I made our way into Missouri to check out the Blue River Parkway trails before heading towards Finger Lakes State Park for a few chill days of riding the pump track and moto trails.


After a solid week in Missouri, Jack and I make our way up to Iowa to check out what kind of mountain biking the Des Moines area has to offer. With just a couple of final days with Jack around, we made the best of our time riding Ewing park flow trails and checking out the downtown area.


After dropping Jack off at the airport in Des Moines I made my way up to the Omaha area in Nebraska. Unfortunately I hit a ton of bad weather in the first few days, but once it cleared up I was able to meet up with Jason from Bike Masters for a ride at Tranquility Park.