Watch: Top Mistakes Every Mountain Biker Will Make

At some point every Mountain Biker will make these mistakes. Some of them are funny to look back on and some you need to avoid at all costs! Let us know which ones you’ve made in the comments below.

Beginner, novice, newbie, whatever you call it, we’ve all been there to make mistakes. In fact, some of us still make them all the time.

– Number one, slipped pedal to shin.
The classic. On the scale of pain, this is a ten. We’ve all done it, the proof is on our shins.

– Number two, over tightening bolts.

– Just need to put my seat up, I’ll just tighten this up and then we’ll get going. Did you just round that bolt? You should know better not to overtighten bolts, man.

– Number three, forgetting your kit.
Alright, bike, helmet, snacks, pump. Oh no. Not my hiking boots…

– Number four, unscrewing your valve core when removing your pump.

– Number five, waiting for a mate. It’s a beautiful day, the trails are calling, and you arrange to meet your mate for a ride in the woods. But where is he?

– Number six. Don’t be that person that never fixes their bike.
What is that noise?
Oh I think it’s my bottom bracket. It’s getting a bit creaky.
We are going riding tomorrow.
Ah don’t worry, I’ll fix it tonight.
I can still hear that noise. Is it my bike?
It might still be mine….

– Number seven, the gear cruncher.
Hey Neil. I’ll race you to the top.
Let’s do it. Oh.
Ahno! Winner!
Tried to change gear under maximum power, the most common cause for a snapped chain.
No finesse. Like a monkey on a machine gun.

– Number eight. Here’s one mistake you’ll only make once. Smashing your knuckles when removing your pedals.

– Number nine, forgetting a vital piece of your bike.
Put You need quite a bit of kit to go for a mountain bike ride so it can be easy to forget something like an axle, pedals, water bottle, pump.
What about front wheel?
No one’s ever forgotten their wheel.
Oh yeah, obviously, yeah….

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