Martyn’s here with a list of GMBN’s top 5 mountain bike trails from all over the world. Do you agree with Martyn’s choices? Let us know what your favorite trails are in the comments below!


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  • kay oh

    “Here are the five best trails in the world; I have in fact ridden none of these.”

  • Zoso

    Slickrock? Being a Utah local, I cannot vouch for that in the top 50 trails in the world imo. It’s interesting, fun, and unique, but there’s many that are better–many of which are in Moab btw.

  • Jim Cummings

    Weird choices!!! Apart from Porcupine Rim but it you’re going to do it you might as well do the Whole Enchilada which it forms part of…
    The Old Ghost Road in New Zealand would be in my top 5…
    In Moab I liked the combination of Hymasa and Captain Ahab best.

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