Watch: “The Release”

We all ride for different reasons; some of us ride for fitness and exercise, while others ride for fun and escapism. Still others seek The Release.

We all ride for different reasons. Some ride for fitness and exercise. Others ride for fun and escapism. The reasons are as endless as the place where the ocean meets the sky. My reason is The Release.

Life can be a grind. You start your day. You end your day. Work, home, family, chores, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The relentless patterns of our day-to-day life add to a psychological weight that we need to shed from time to time.

I find there is no better way to shed that weight than to place yourself in a situation that forces your mind to focus. I find that section of trail with a sustained downhill section. The more technical the better. Negotiating the trail at speed increases the risk of a serious crash. As I descend my mind is forced to focus on the trail. Everything else fades away and is released.

For me, I ride for the Release.