“One does not simply buy a bicycle.”

I generally hover my mouse over the “Skip Ad” button when I’m watching mountain bike videos on YouTube, but I couldn’t stop watching this commercial. Snyder Cycles is located just 7 miles from the Singletracks office and is not just a bike shop, but also a custom bike frame shop offering everything from city bikes to XC and all-mountain hardtails.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out Snyder Cycles in Tucker.

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  • stumpyfsr

    Haven’t seen many LBS commercials but if this one is “The Best LBS Comercial Ever” I’m afraid even to imagine how is worst one looks like.

    • Jeff Barber

      “Haven’t seen many LBS commercials”

      Exactly. There aren’t many LBS commercials out there so not much separates the best from the worst. 🙂

    • stumpyfsr

      It’s a title that caught my attention the most. Such an absolute statement about this commercial as best ever.
      I’m sure one day we will see a better one.

  • marvinmartian

    Glad that Snyder stepped in to fill the void in Tucker after Bikeways closed shop.Good people. They are now my closest shop; according to their map I live somewhere near the Plateau of Gorgoroth!

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