Watch: “Here are the sketchiest lines we could find in the Mega Cavern”

Seth's Bike Hacks and Skills with Phil track down the sketchiest line in Louisville, Kentucky's Mega Cavern bike park.

Today, Skills with Phil and I visit the Louisville Mega Cavern in Kentucky, a 3 million square foot facility built inside of a manmade cavern. Within this cavern is a 320,000 bike park with jump lines, singletrack, and everything you could ask for!

To my eye, the jumps are more BMX centric, while the singletrack is clearly XC. Trail bikes are sort of out of place at the Mega Cavern. This may have been why Phil and I had so much fun.

If you’re a good jumper you can ride everything here on a full suspension trail bike, but hardtails and dirt jumpers are really what shine here.