Watch: Riding on the Edge at 10,000 feet! – Wasatch Crest Trail


I’ve saved the best for last… well, I THOUGHT it was my last ride in Utah at the time at least (surprise, it’s not!).

The one ride I knew I absolutely HAD TO RIDE when coming to SLC, was the Wasatch Crest, but I couldn’t just start with the best… but alas it is time, so I booked a shuttle with Big Rack Shuttles and got my butt to the top…. well, not exactly true…. I still had to climb what is called “Puke Hill” and all I could think was “didn’t I pay for a shuttle!!” XD

Totally worth it!

The Wasatch Crest ride turned out to be my hands down favorite ride that I have done perhaps all this season. It has all of the elements of riding that I love: physical struggle and toughness, beautiful scenery, amazing new friends, adventure, and varied riding including pristine aspen singletrack, good flow sections, and loads of amazing downhill gnar. What more could I possibly ask for?

The Wasatch Crest greatly reminds me of one of my other favorite trails: The Monarch Crest, and I think for good reason; they absolutely share a lot of similarities and are must hits in their respective areas for sure.

During this ride, I was lucky enough to catch up with a really cool (and fast!) group of riders that welcomed me into their ride to my great enjoyment. I absolutely love when I meet amazing people out on the trail…

For part 1 of this ride, we will be riding with them a lot of the time, and part 2 will pick up where we split ways as they headed down to Park City and I back to Sheila in SLC.

I hope you guys are all ready for two videos full of fun – I’m stoked just writing about it – can’t wait to ride this trail again someday!