Watch: How To Ride Steep Chutes

Riding steep chutes has always been part of Mountain Biking, from technical XC trails to big Freeride lines, it’s an essential skill. So if you find yourself standing at the top of a steep chute and your knees begin to shake then follow Blake’s tips!

First of all you are going to want to check the run out of a chute, make sure there are no obstacles you might hit. Once it’s all clear then time to take a look from the top!

Take a look at the run to judge your speed and pick your line into the chute. It’s important here to make sure you don’t have to drop the chute and that your BB won’t scrape the floor as you roll in.

Once you’re good to don’t take too long at the top of the chute, pedal and lean back as the front wheel begin to drop into the chute! Keep your core and arms strong while you drop in and modulate your back brake so you don’t skid too much.

Hopefully you will roll out of the other side with a big grin on your face!

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