Some of the most beautiful and best places to ride often have the scariest terrain and trails. So follow Neil and guest Traharn Chidley’s tips to help you tackle those exposed ridges, steep chutes and scary trails!

Don’t Look Down!
Remember when riding scary trails you should be looking ahead at where you are going. Don’t be tempted to look down at your wheels or the obstacle you are riding.

Keep Your Momentum
When riding narrow trails it’s important to keep your momentum. Keep pushing a hard gear to keep your pedal motion smooth.

Follow A Friend
If you’re riding a new trail with a friend who knows it, then it can be great to follow them down the trail so you can keep an eye out for where they brake and lines they take.

There’s No Shame In Pushing!
If you’re riding a new trail there’s no shame in pushing a difficult section or getting off your bike to take a look before you ride.

Walk The Track
Even top World Cup racers walk a track before they ride it. If you are coming up to a tricky section walking in first can be a great way to get your eye in and avoid any sudden surprises.

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  • mongwolf

    Loved this video. It reminds me of a lot of the riding/exploring in Mongolia around the capital (Ulaanbaatar). Of course on the really steep dh stuff it’s critical that you have to get back on the bike to stay in a “centered” position to the BB and pedals. I end of riding a lot of scary portions of new trail alone, which is not good, but it does point out another obvious recommendation. It is best to ride scary trails with another person. Not only is this safer in the case of a serious accident, it also gives you a higher confidence level to give a particular section of trail a try. I find myself getting off the bike and walking sections when I am alone that later I give it go when I am with someone.

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