Watch: Reece Wallace Rides Industry Nine’s New Grade300 DH Wheelset

Industry Nine has a new wheelset out, the Grade300. They are intended for downhill use, or just for riders who are really rough on their wheels. Industry Nine widened the rims to 30mm internally and added material to the area near the bead for improved impact resistance. The rims are laced to I9’s Torch hubs with their own proprietary aluminum spokes. Industry Nine made the Grade spokes thicker than those found on their other wheelsets to improve stiffness and durability.

The Grade300 wheels are available in 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ sizes. Wheelset weights are 1,880g for 27.5″ and 2,000g for 29″. Retail for the Grade300 starts at $1,255 with prices going up from there depending on customization options.

Visit for full details on the new Grade300 wheelsets.

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