Watch: Paws & Wheels | Susanna and her Dog Balu go Mountain Biking

Susanna and her dog Balu go for a mountain bike ride together.

Oli and I have been working on a couple projects together and one day he said: ” Hej, let’s do a traildog video with my dog Balu!”

Balu is super sweet, but young and wild and kinda crazy. And since this is a passion project, there was no budget to pay helpers. So it was only me and Oli, 50 pounds of equipment and some looong trails to cover.

Also, we both didn’t know how Balu would perform and if we would be able to get the shoot done at all.

But surprisingly, everything worked out just perfect. Balu is such a natural and Oli is always a huge pleasure to work with.

We hope you enjoy our little story.