Watch: Not Moab Slickrock… Asheville BIG ROCK!!

I’m house sitting for Seth in Asheville, and man am I stoked to be here. I love it in Asheville not just because of all the riding that’s accessible, but also because I have so many great friends here that LOVE to get out and do things in the outdoors together. I have been wanting to spend some time here for over a year now, and I’m excited to be back for a bit… but it won’t be too long as I’ve got something really fun planned coming up 😛

Today Paul and I are hitting some trails that Brian and I never made it to during the Redemption trip – DuPont State Forest.

This place is a mountain bikers’ wet dream: 86 miles of purpose built singletrack all surrounded by beautiful scenery. Paul and I are out for a lap on one of DuPont’s most famous trails – Big Rock. It’s known for the heaping amount of unique rock slab riding, which should be good riding since it rained yesterday and a lot of the dirt trails are muddy.

Blah blah blah, enough talking…. LET’S RIDE!



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